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Does baking with Cacao Bliss lessen the nutritional value?Updated 10 months ago

Most cacao or cocoa powder has been highly processed and stripped of it's beneficial nutrients by the time it gets to you. The cacao we use is raw and in its natural form to maintain the full spectrum of nutrients. 

When you bake with or heat Cacao Bliss, it can slightly degrade some of the nutrients, but you will still get greater benefits than from highly processed cacao or cocoa powder. Check out the Earth Echo blog for delicious Cacao Bliss recipe ideas! There are many which don't require heating if you would still prefer to leave your Cacao Bliss raw, like 11 Healthy No-Bake Desert Recipes. 😍  

If you try any recipes from the blog, be sure to tag us @earthechofoods and let us know how they turn out! 

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