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My order is marked delivered but not hereUpdated 2 months ago

Delivered but Not Received 

If your package has been marked delivered but you have not received it yet, please take the following steps prior to reaching out to our team for a reshipment.

1. Please confirm that the shipping address on your order was correct

2. Check your mailbox one more time to ensure that the package has not arrived. Also, check around your front door, with neighbors, in your leasing office, or anywhere your courier could have left the package.

3. Visit or call your local courier office and tell them that your package was time and date stamped as delivered but you did not receive it. Please provide your tracking number to claim the item.

If you are still unable to locate your order, please contact our team for assistance.

Stuck in Transit

If your order has not been delivered and appears to be lost or stuck in transit for longer than two weeks, please check with our team for further assistance.

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