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Focus Chocolate Bliss Bites

What are the ingredients in Focus Chocolate Bliss Bites?

Focus Chocolate Bliss Bites offer a coffee (72% cacao) flavor profile & has an ayurvedic blend of brain boosting ingredients: MCT oil, Lion’s Mane, Bacopa & Astaxanthin infused right into the velvety, smooth dark chocolate morsels. Focus Bites are gl

What time of day should I enjoy a Focus Bite?

We recommend you enjoy 1 bite each day during the time you feel your mental focus is fatiguing. Most people tell us thy notice they don’t feel as sharp after lunch so this is a great time of day to eat a Focus Chocolate Bite

Are Focus Bites high in caffeine?

No, Focus bites contain only a trace amount of caffeine, which is naturally occurring in chocolate. It is less than a cup of decaffeinated coffee. The espresso flavor of Focus Bites does not increase caffeine content significantly, it is comparable t