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Rest Chocolate Bliss Bites

What are the ingredients in Rest Bites?

Rest Chocolate Bliss Bites offer a sea salt and caramel (72% cacao) flavor profile with an Ayurvedic blend of ingredients for relaxation. Rest bites are high-quality chocolate infused with natural ingredients. A tasty bedtime treat that can help so m

Are Rest Bites made with Melatonin?

No, Rest chocolate bites are not made with melatonin. The calming ingredients include lemon balm, GABA, saffron and chamomile.

Are Rest Bites Caffeine Free?

There is a trace amount of caffeine, which is naturally occurring in chocolate. It is less than a cup of decaffeinated coffee.

What time of day should I enjoy a Rest Chocolate Bite?

We'd suggest having a Rest Chocolate Bites before bed for best results.