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I Can't Find My Reward Code!Updated a year ago

When you earn enough loyalty points and choose to redeem a reward, you'll receive a unique, randomly generated code to apply to your order. If you lose a reward code, or redeem a reward but can't find the code, no worries! There are several places in your account to see your reward code. 

Rewards History

If you redeemed a reward but can't find your code, log in to your Earth Echo Account. Click on Rewards Program from the navigation menu at the top of the page.

At the top of the rewards page click on Rewards History. This popup shows all used and unused reward codes associated with your account. Copy your unused code when you are ready to place your next order and paste it into the discount box.   

Multiple Accounts

If you redeemed a reward but don't see a code in your history, check whether this may have redeemed under a different email address. If you use multiple emails to place orders, these are separate accounts. 

We aren't able to consolidate points from multiple accounts, so to earn rewards as quickly as possible, use the same email address every time you order. 

If you still don't see your reward code, make sure you have redeemed the reward. Simply earning enough points for a reward will not generate a code, you have to choose to redeem the reward. 

How to Redeem a Reward

The easiest way to redeem a reward is during checkout. Log in to your Earth Echo account from this page, and see your total points and rewards. Select the reward you want to use from the dropdown menu. Click Apply

You can also redeem a reward from the the Rewards page prior to making a purchase. Click Redeem Now to use a reward. Be sure to confirm you really want to use the reward by clicking Yes. Your reward code will appear under your reward.

Copy this code and paste in the discount code box at checkout.

Still Missing Your Reward Code?

If you are still missing a reward or have any other questions about your account, please check in with our team at [email protected], or use the live chat button at the bottom of this page.

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