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Why is my Points Balance Lower Than Expected?Updated a year ago

If your Earth Echo loyalty points balance is lower than expected, here are the most common explanations. 

Unused Rewards

Points are deducted from your overall balance as soon as you claim a reward, even if the reward has not been redeemed yet. If you are unsure whether you have an unused reward, check in with our support team to confirm.

Purchasing Without Logging In

To receive rewards points on all Earth Echo orders, be sure you are logged in while making a purchase. Your points balance should appear under the order summary during checkout. If your points balance is not visible, you are not logged in.

To confirm whether a recent order received loyalty points, log in to your Earth Echo account and review your order history. If an order does not show up on this list, you may have purchased without logging in or using a different email address. 

Multiple Accounts

Your Earth Echo account login will always be your email address, so if you use multiple emails to place orders, these are separate accounts in our system even if the rest of your contact information and shipping address are the same. 

We aren't able to consolidate points from multiple accounts, so to earn rewards as quickly as possible, use the same email address every time you order. 

More Questions about your Points?

Please reach out to our team at [email protected], or via live chat, if you would like us to confirm your points balance or answer any additional questions about your account.  

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