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Redeem a Reward at CheckoutUpdated a year ago

Redeem at Checkout

When you'd like to redeem a reward, be sure you are logged in to your Earth Echo account. During checkout you'll see your total points and any rewards earned. Select the reward you want to use from the dropdown menu. Click Apply

If you don't have enough points to redeem a reward yet, you'll see your points balance at checkout but not the reward dropdown menu. If this section is blank, you may not be logged in to your account. 

To join our loyalty program, simply set up an Earth Echo customer account. Make sure you are logged in every time you shop, and points will be added automatically when you make a new purchase. 

Redeem for an Active Subscription

You can use rewards on re-bills of your subscription as well as the initial checkout order. The process is a bit different for subscriptions that are already active and re-billing, so check this article for details or reach out to our team at [email protected] for help.   

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